Thursday, January 08, 2009

I'm not sure what's worse...

It's hard to say what would be a worse situation, being stuck in traffic without any food when hungry, OR being stuck in traffic feeling hungry with a whole box of gourmet cookies sitting on the other front seat ( I tried putting them in the back seat so I wouldn't see them...out of sight, out of mind. Didn't work. Then I tried just having one or two. Ugh.... but I knew they were still there! Then things got out of control when a brush fire along the freeway held up traffic even more. That was the end of my will. Let's just say I lost the battle with that little box of cookies! (if you know my son Myles...ask him sime day what a wimp I am when it comes to cookies!)

It's a GOOD thing I'm riding Palomar tomorrow though, as I should have plenty of extra calories to burn ..... giddy-up!

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