Sunday, January 18, 2009

scratched up, banged up, and loving it.

There is something uniquely special about coming home from an epic ride.

The high is inexplicable.

Our ride in The San Gabriel Mountains was beyond awesome yesterday. We climbed on and hike-a-biked so high up that we looked down on the buildings of Los Angeles like they were little cardboard structures...they didn't look real at all. The sky and air were so crystal clear that we could see well beyond the island of Catalina. We talked to, and met some very interesting folks who were enjoying the same views and taking in the glorious day just as we were. Although I must say am not sure if anyone else we saw almost lost their bike and body over a cliff edge (ahem....i did). That was a real humdinger of a crash and adrenaline rush...let me tell ya! That one left me in a state of awe and I instantly felt two intramuscular bruises forming, one deep inside my quad and the other deep in my gastroc (OUCH!!), but of course there was more adventure to be had so onward we went!

And was cool seeing all the people out,(most of the hikers will hike up part way from the bottom down, or they drive to the top where we rode and hike part way down from the top then back). There was a whole stretch in the middle where we basically had the trail(s) to ourselves. However, we did see one trail-runner dude who actually ran all the way up those trails from where we started! And he was smooth! Very Impressive.

As expected, The San Gabriel mountains did not disappoint. What a beautiful place.

Go there someday if you can. Go by foot, by bike, or (I think we even saw a donkey..) what the heck go by donkey. Why not?

Myself...I will take the two wheeled option as my first choice, but this is one ride you need a Camelback and lots of food...cuz baby "its a long way to the top if you want to rock and roll". Ohhhh, and by the way...the the down hill was insane. Let's just say, strap everything on tight, lower that saddle ...and hang on, because its time to go for a RIDE!

That whole day was one for the books for and the little Outlander (my nickname for my new bike) have officially had our first date. I know I know...I wrote about my first ride up at Top of the World a couple of posts ago. But that first ride, although beautiful in its own right (especially because it was my maiden voyage) ...well that ride was more like having a date for coffee or tea, you know. Yesterday was the real deal first date with all the bells and whistles...we had appetizers, drinks, dinner, and dessert.

AND going to Anaheim 2 that that was a second helping of dessert!

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