Monday, May 26, 2008

In the moment.

So in preparation for Philly I raced the Memorial Day event held out in Long Beach. I raced the Masters Men 30+ 1/2/3 (40k??) and the Pro 1/2 Men (100k).

I'm a little cooked to say the least.

I didn't finish the Pro 1/2 race (I lasted about 60k). I actually came pretty close to sticking in there. At one point though, it really got going full throttle and all sorts of dudes were getting blown out the back. Shortly thereafter, I decided to call it a day too. I mean c'mon... it was a 100k criterium! (and I had already done that race earlier). I was beginning to think about minor things like food and water....neither of which did I have!! Plus, I was not about to be the one who let a gap open, so I made a polite little exit when I saw an opening to get off course.

Have I mentioned that I'm tired?

I'm cooked.

And I'm still tired, many hours later and even after a nap (I never nap!).

I love training races......
but the only way I managed to keep my head in there through two long races was to focus on the moment, one pedal stroke at a time. It was cool to ride like became somewhat of a game I played with myself out see how well I could stay "in the moment". It was fun. It kept my head in the game....that's for sure!

Anyway, I am definitely tired but I am truly and completely satisfied.
Gotta love the bike.

And BTW, some of the funny things said to me today were
--"I can't draft off of you at all, but I can get a draft off your legs"
(hahaha funny guy)
--"why do they have to tell us 26 laps to go? can't they just tell us when it's 5!"
(seriously. lol)
and my personal favorite of the day...
--"youre racing the 30+?? you cant be old enough!!"
(can you say that again, so I begin to believe it too?!) ;) ;) ;)


sportM said...

Giv'em hell in Philly (place of my birth)! Should be fast! Good luck!

Anonymous said...

What sportm said.

Also, in regards to the laps...I never count my school days down until we're under double figures as far as days left. That's when the summer countdown begins.

Wonder said...

You ROCK! That sounds like so much fun! But, we miss you up here. The Twilights have been fun.

pedro said...

an honest day's work. nice pedaling