Thursday, May 22, 2008

It's true.

I keep meeting people who know people who know people that I know. It seems nearly impossible that this could happen down here in this overpopulated, sea of people! It's random and cool at the same time. I mean we're not even talking same context, just complete chance meetings! What is that thing called that one of my best girlfriends talks about? --Six degrees of separation?

Maybe its true.
Or maybe.. it's just the fact that I'm getting older and the law of "random people knowing my people" average is increasing!! LOL. (and no i do not consider myself too old to use lol or omg!)

And on another note...there were flowers delivered to my house yesterday from a "secret admirer", also known as "Huge fan". I'm altogether flattered, but I have to admit...there is this little, itsy-bitsy thread of me that hopes the flowers didn't come from that weirdo that followed me for a million miles on The 405 the other day. I sure hope he didn't go and pay to find out who I am by looking up my license plate on the internet.
That stuff is creepy. Really it supposed to be that easy to "find" someone? Well it shouldn't be. It's not like the flowers came to my office...they came to my house!

Tell me you wouldn't wonder a little bit too.
Still....the pretty pink flowers look nice on the kitchen table :)


fuji rider said...

oh, you got them? very nice! see you in Philly and no rum n cokes this time

fuji rider said...
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Heather said...
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sportM said...

;-)...FTD and BL rock!