Monday, May 12, 2008

My house pals

Dyani the dog and Cali the brother's sweet little pets. These two characters are all about love and food ...two little creatures after my own heart.

Love and food.

Two of my favorite things as well! ;) ok ok ok... and I always have to mention the bike, my other always favorite thing. For reals, without my bike I wouldn't have the need for so much food (!!!) nor would I create the piece of mind to allow myself to be all about love.

Dang, there's some real truth in that last part.

1 comment:

pedro said...

enjoyed the reads, I did. enjoy the critters, and wow, u are in love w your bike. so cool.

i'm stoked to be off for 4 days of riding in the high sierra, altitude training of sorts, maybe when I get back I can keep up with the fast chix.