Monday, May 05, 2008


Advil Chapstick made the podium both days in NRC racing this weekend.....rock on. And we got the 20% chance of no rain for racing!! rock on even better.

Lemme break it down for ya...

77 hours from Friday to Monday.
Looked like this:

one flight from LA to ATL
two hour wait in airport for ride
two hour drive in lovely Hotlanta traffic
one short and not useful spin
one helluva late night due to time change
one rude awakening morning
one rainy start to the day thwarting all hopes of spinning the travel out of the legs
one 90mile drive to race
one nutty painful race on my legs after said LONG day before
one podium for the team --go Jenn go
one great race organizer who spread the love by feeding all us pro-peeps...and I mean ALL!
one long drive back to one amazing host house
one late shower very late very very late
one very sleepless night with major headache (what the heck i never get headaches!)
one rough morning (again)
one short drive to race
one kick-ass race
one more 3rd plus a 4th place for the team --Jenn and Brenda punch punch in their first go at a final lap effort together this season
one good shrimp salad
and two stellas
one trip to airport hotel
one goooooooooood nights sleep ;)
one flight home
one great travel companion (hilton clarke)
one great brother who met me at the airport to drop off my car on his way to l.a. and saved me one weekend parking charge :)
one superpsyched me. back in the game.


Natalie said...

Way to go this weekend Brenda! Sounds long but you ladies pulled off some great finishes.

Wonder said...

Sweeet...Nice Work B.