Wednesday, May 07, 2008

My other baby keeps me going

The legs were feeling a little tired after all the travel and racing in such a small window....but just looking at my bike got me itching to keep going! So...I passed on the "drive home and kick it option" after a long day in the car visiting shops, and went straight on out to The El Dorado training criterium last night.

The race:

Hosted on Fotki

Photo from Kenny B.

Man, I have no regrets....what a great training race Eldo is. Albeit a test of nerves sometimes as there is a heck of a lot of shuffling around on the curvy course, those boys can lay it down and get a little dicey here and there...but hey, I'm not complaining....I actually like the test --and it felt good to get the junk out of the legs after all the travel and time in the car! good times..

Cheers to Eldo and the folks who put on the event.

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Heather said...

More power to ya! Those cement parking blocks look a little close for my liking....especially surrounded by all those male hormones!! Ha!!!