Thursday, February 28, 2008


Did you know FUJI has a kick-ass mountain bike line? Betcha didnt....but now you do.

Check out this review....
Fuji Reveal 2.0
Light enough to race and burly enough for endurance events, the Fuji Reveal 2.0 can handle it all

By David L'Heureux
Fuji Reveal 2.0

"The addition of the trail-oriented, 5-inch-travel Reveal 2.0 is a big step forward in Fuji's quest to reinvent itself as a player in the full-suspension mountain bike market. Like the go-to dish at your favorite restaurant, the new-for-2008 Reveal is a great entree with some fantastic sides."

I like David's analogy :)
Peep the link below to read the whole review, PLUS see an on-line video review of The REVEAL 2.0,6610,s-1-384-16842-1,00.html

word to the bike.

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Anonymous said...

The Velo News Bike Guide is out now too. Fuji has a couple write ups in there as well.