Sunday, February 03, 2008


sometimes travel is nothing but annoying.

after a hell of a long flight back from Philly (i spent five hours sitting in airports plus the flight itself), i finally get my luggage, catch a shuttle and get back to my car only to find a $50 ticket on my window for not displaying a front license plate. wtf! i am leaving the parking lot with the clock having crept past midnight, rather exhausted from a day of meetings and flying...i am told "miss, do you know your taillights are out?" great. not a damn thing i can do but brave the drive home without rear lights. so i get on the highway. within two minutes i am flipped off and nearly ran off the road by a car full of saturday night partygoers, probably because the people in the car thought i was lame for driving in the night without back lights. trust me...i thought it was lame too, but there was nothing i was gonna do about it after midnight.

the only nice thing about the whole deal is that i didn't get pulled over on my way home from LAX. surprise that i slept like a rock.

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Anonymous said...

Glad you're home safe! :)