Monday, February 11, 2008

Muy Importante

Stylish ZipLock that's a novel idea for travel!
No, I am not a carrier of these fashionable little travel statements, but I bet they start creeping into the security line so keep your eyes open...isn't it truly amazing how suddenly important these little plastic inventions have become?
As a matter of fact, I forgot my "baggie" and forgot to put away my little day bag of cremes before I sent my luggage off with the check-in folks at the airport. So after a trip to the candy store just to get a clear plastic bag with purchase, I realized that my bag HAD to be seal-able! What an adventure....hunting for a seal-able plastic bag at the Las Vegas Airport amongst the bling-bling of all the slots, and shops and wary tourists! Finally, I spotted the First-Aid station, and thanked my lucky stars when the lady there sold me a "baggie for a buck". Breathing easy now...a small price to pay to keep all my little cremes safe from the trash!!!

1 comment:

Rod said...

Where's the Hawkeye sealable baggie? LMAO!