Monday, February 18, 2008

Holding my tongue..

But if I weren't holding back I would get busy writing about how Velonews really drops the ball for women. Thank you Cycling News for the pictures and results on The Women's Amgen Race, maybe we'll get a write up too?!

Velonews...ugh. Inside Communications needs to look at their mission statement a little closer, and then apply those words to both sexes in the sport of cycling. The after statement of "oh...and the women raced too blah blah blah" just isn't cutting it anymore. ahem.


Anonymous said...

Ditto! But even CyclingNews (the last time I checked anyway) only listed the top 3 finishers. They get extra credit for the pics though.

Kirsten Robbins said...

Hello Girl,

Thanks for the shout out :)
Report went up late that night, but there wasnt a link up for it to it until the next morning. Ops:)
It was a great event, a three day stage race is in the works, cool eh

Hope to see you soon


Anonymous said...

Yea, I stand corrected on the CN report. I didn't see the full write up til later.