Tuesday, February 12, 2008

In case some of you have been wondering...

Sometimes women leave the sport of road racing and everyone asks "where did they go?".
Truly when women leave the sport it's typically because some gals head into motherhood, some find a new career, some go off to school, and others move on to a different sport. And as for the ones who don't do any of these things...well i am sure they have moved on to another life adventure because most of the women I have met in this sport are quite adventurous!

Wouldn't it be nice if we had our own cyclingnews page for all things women?! I mean really...isn't it getting to be about that time? We could have racing news, life news, cycling tips for women...etc etc etc! Okay wait a minute..that's a whole different subject, I will not get off-topic. This post is all about one of those women who have moved on from our sport. This post is about Brooke Ourada -- one of the "names" in pro-cycling for the last few years.

For those of you who know Miss Ourada, you know that she is one talented athlete who has had her share of success as a road racer, so it will probably come as no surprise to see that she is now a superstar multi-sport gal (sponsored by FUJI!)....and she's already taking names.

Check out the link below...way to go Brooke :)


...and props to FUJI for making an athlete blog page on their site :)

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Brooke said...

Thanks Brenda. You are too sweet. I am having a blast changing things up but I still have a lot to learn. Good luck racing this year. And I am glad you are with Fuji:-).