Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Miss Carroll --one of my best friends

Now most of us in the cycling world are very familiar with the lady on the right, but for all of my non-cycling friends, please allow me to introduce Miss Katharine Carroll, member of The U.S. National Team and former teammate and roommate of mine. This woman is probably one of THE coolest ladies in the sport of cycling and look at her go over there in New Zealand.... contesting (and owning at the moment) the sprint classification. I will never forget how fun it was to ride with Kat during the Tour of Toona. She gave me the most amazing leadouts! It just makes me smile to see her on the podium! All of the American riders are mixing it up over there by the way... Katheryn Curi-Mattis won the World Cup (big news for the U.S.!), Lauren Franges has been getting up there in the sprints regularly, and well Tina Pic and Brooke Miller, they are always there duking it out with the other big guns.....and watch out for Kristen Armstrong....she will definitely be unleasing her terror soon, no doubt.

What is so amazing is that the U.S. is finally a very solid presence in international racing, fielding a whole host of potential champions instead of just a few. That's pretty damn awesome and says big things about this sport for the future ladies! We are witnessing and being part of history in the making here people....hope you are paying attention.

I know that ultimately these women are the competition at home, but there is definitely something very cool and unique about American women in cycling....somehow we are all part of this amazing movement called "women in sport". Ultimatley, we are the ones responsible to grow our sport in this country, and that makes us far more supportive of each other --however, when it comes down to the line, we all want our team to be there first! ;)

Anyway...back the to photo....GO Kat GO!...

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Mandy said...

a ha! i hath found you on the webbyweb! good to see you! keep on writing. inspiring stuff. stay awesome and i'll hopefully run into you sometime at the races. if not on a bike myself; giving jonny good luck kiss at the start of his race. i know, we're so gross.