Monday, February 11, 2008

Gonna be a "no-show" at The TOC Race

sorta bittersweet.....

yep, i will be missing the TOC women's race in Santa Rosa.

in some ways i couldn't care less because i have too much going on right now to pay attention to starting my season. the thought of the travel is just too much. hell i was just in philly last week and vegas this past weekend, not to mention i will be heading to training camp in asheville soon.

i just need a few solid weeks here at my little homestead with my bicycle and the sunshine, so i can get my groove on to start my race season in march. and besides....i'm not really ready to have my legs torn off!! we californians are known to have some seriously good early-season i am well aware of the racing i would be subject to should i attend the race up there.

honestly, it's all good for me to start my season a little late this year because i'm totally cool with, and loving my new job and all the new stuff i see and do --but i have to admit, it's truly bittersweet to miss out on an event that will hopefully set the tone for the women to have more races alongside the domestic tours for men...PLUS, the race goes RIGHT by my house in Santa Rosa...and on paper, i still live there at that little home on 3rd street. since when does an NRC race go right by your front door and have the finishing sprint a block from your house?!?!?!?!?!?

oh well....not meant to be hey. win some lose some i guess.....

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